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BuyAssist and City of Whitehorse partnership supporting affordable home ownership – No deposit required

lounge and dining room render of a new apartment in the City of Whitehorse

With rising rents and mortgage costs, many local governments recognise the importance of affordable housing to reduce housing stress and support a diverse and inclusive community. Affordable home ownership also supports people to establish themselves in a community in the long-term whilst giving them the freedom to truly make a place their home.

In 2021 the City of Whitehorse Council, located in south-east Victoria, secured a $1.5 million Affordable Housing contribution from a local developer. National Affordable Housing Victoria subsequently entered an agreement with the Council to support application of these funds through BuyAssist.

BuyAssist is applying the funds as a shared equity contribution to support 10 households to buy their own home in the City of Whitehorse without requiring a deposit. The equity contribution comprises up to 30% of the cost of the home, meaning households only need to borrow up to 70% from a BuyAssist bank lender.

With the Council facilitated investment BuyAssist supported the first of ten homeowners to buy their own home in Box Hill in December.

BuyAssist currently has access to apartments in four new developments in the City of Whitehorse for eligible households to choose from.


For Further Information

More information including household eligibility requirements can be found on our Homebuyers page or by calling 1300 652 177.