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Dreaming of buying your own home but don’t have a deposit?

Dreaming of buying home

Dreaming of buying your own home is difficult if you don’t have a home deposit.


The Buy Assist Australia home buyer funding program supports people who haven’t saved a deposit and don’t have access to family assistance to purchase their home by addressing the deposit gap with equity assistance.  

With BuyAssist homebuyer support you can stop dreaming, stop renting and buy your own home today!

On average we provide 25% of the property price as home buyer support, meaning the average customer 1st mortgage is only 75% of the property price. This makes buying your own home more affordable and more attainable – turning your dream into reality.

We support singles, couples and families, including single parent families to buy a home without needing years to save a deposit.  Many of our home buyers can also access first homeowner grants  or other government homebuyer incentives (subject to eligibility).

We have a range of properties currently available for BuyAssist homebuyers to purchase across Victoria utilising our unique, not-for-profit backed homebuyer fund support.

Properties our homebuyers can purchase includes house and land, townhouses and apartments in Greater Melbourne and regional Victoria.  Our nominated agents can work with you to find the right property and our banking partners will support you to select the right home loan for your circumstancs.

Household eligibility for home buyer support includes stable employment, Australian resident or permanent citizen, and a good track record in renting.

Register now with BuyAssist for a no obligation assessment to confirm if you are eligible for our homebuyer fund support.  

Stop dreaming of becoming a homeowner and buy your own home today – no deposit required.