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Do I need a deposit to buy my own home?

Frequently Asked Questions Do I need a Deposit

With BuyAssist you don’t need a deposit to buy your own home. Buy sooner with BuyAssist no deposit support.

BuyAssist – together with National Affordable Housing and their investor partners support eligible homebuyers who haven’t saved a deposit and don’t have access to family assistance to purchase their home by addressing the deposit gap.

This means that unlike government home purchase support and shared equity programs, no deposit is required to buy your own home.

We also support eligible households to select their first mortgage lender via our mortgage broker partner service, and to find a suitable property. Making it a smooth journey into home ownership.

With BuyAssist people have an opportunity to get into the housing market without years of saving a deposit, with the program assistance acting in place of the typical 20 per cent deposit requirement.  On average we provide 25% of the property price as home buyer support, meaning the average customer 1st mortgage is only 75% of the property price.

We know that it is difficult to save a large deposit and stressful to think that without these savings you will not be able to buy your own home.

Want to buy your own home? Don’t have a deposit? You may be eligible for BuyAssist home buyer support.

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