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Become a Homeowner

Without the overwhelming burden of saving for years

How It Works

No Deposit Needed!

BuyAssist offers equity support for eligible individuals, couples and families to purchase a newly built BuyAssist property. You don’t need a deposit to qualify, we make an assessment of your serviceability, we connect you with qualified lenders and we match you to a property that you can call home.

How We Help You

For eligible applicants, BuyAssist:

Assess Your Options

We check your eligibility for the program, we make a high level assessment of what you can afford, and show you how and what to do, to purchase your own home sooner.

No Deposit No Problem

Through our government or charitable equity programs, we provide up to 25% of the purchase price of your new home to cover the deposit.

Match You To A Property

With one of experienced BuyAssist agents, we help you find the right apartment, townhouse, or house and land package, for you to call your own.

Connect You To A Lender

We connect you with an approved panel of lenders to finance the balance of your purchase (up to 80% maximum).

Am I Eligible?

There are several base eligibility criteria you will need to meet including:


This is what new homeowners via buyassist have been saying
BuyAssist Australia and CUA (the lender) worked together for this young Melbourne family to make home ownership an affordable reality.
"I thought, honestly, a bit too good to be true. But I had a look anyway and BuyAssist has been really great and been really good to deal with. So I recommend that you contact them and have a chat."
Aimee McKean
New Homeowner via BuyAssist
"I think it would have taken me the better part of the next decade to save up a deposit. Working with BuyAssist was really easy and straightforward, and everyone was really helpful answering my stupid questions."
Kristin Rigby
New Homeowner via BuyAssist
"It's a fantastic feeling knowing that I am chipping away at my own mortgage and not someone else's. The best part of the BuyAssist program has been the support and help that I've been able to get from them. I couldn't recommend it more!"
Kieran Klomp
New Homeowner via BuyAssist
"I wanted the stability of being in my own property. Renting was fine but it's dead money. You're paying off someone else's mortgage. I came across BuyAssist on Facebook. Anyone who thinks BuyAssist is too good to be true, it’s actually not. It’s the real deal."
Alan Barnes
New Homeowner via BuyAssist

Homebuyers, want to know more?

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