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We work with multiple investors, developers, agents and governments to make home ownership more affordable and more attainable for more Australians.

Established in 2016, we provide a fully-licensed platform for the implementation of the shared equity home ownership model, including to support direct and third-party investment.

We have run various programs across several states and are seeking more partners to work with.


We work with all levels of Government in meeting socially responsible targets to help more Australians achieve home ownership. We continue to seek opportunities to partner with Government to help achieve this goal.


We are looking for developers and builders with existing or nearing completion properties for sale, who are planning their next development, or have affordable housing targets to meet as part of their developments.


We work with banks, lenders, home builders and the non-profit sector to support low and medium income earners buy their own home. As a socially responsible investor, you can help Australians on their journey to homeownership.


We are seeking real estate agents who have good working relationships with developers and have a passion in helping match buyers to the right property.

Projects delivered include:

QLD 2020
Queensland Shared Equity in partnership with NAHC, to deliver house and land packages throughout Brisbane.
VIC 2018-2020
Victorian Government invested several million dollars into shared equity home ownership. BuyAssist secured developers to match 100 new homes to qualified purchasers.
QLD 2017
Zest Apartment in partnership with NAHC, purchased properties from the developer to deliver shared equity outcomes.

Why Partner?

BuyAssist Australia are taking direct action to help more Australians achieve home ownership. You are invited to partner with us to benefit from this growing shared equity home buyer market.

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Frequently Asked Questions

At BuyAssist, we’re creating change to make home ownership a reality for more Australians.

With 700,000+ more Australians renting now than there were 20 years ago, we are bridging the gap — making home ownership more affordable and attainable.

BuyAssist Australia Pty. Limited is a 100% wholly owned subsidiary of the National Affordable Housing.

National Affordable Housing is a Not-for-Profit socially responsible enterprise focused on providing affordable housing solutions for Australians.  It has facilitated over 3500 affordable rental properties under the National Rental Affordability Scheme across Australia.

National Affordable Housing believes that smart investment in social and affordable housing can deliver sustainable benefits to health, employment and social inclusion for the whole community.

BuyAssist gives a boost to lower and middle income-earners who manage their finances well but have trouble saving the sizeable deposit required to buy their own home. They are everyday Australians who meet eligibility criteria who can been approved by a bank to get into their own home, sooner.

Eligible home buyers may:

* work in sectors such as transport, retail and trades

* work in essential services such as police, fire, ambulance and health

* have specific needs, including people who live with a disability

* provide social services and community benefits, such as caring for and supporting the aged, individuals with disabilities, or children and youth

* earn a specific level of income.

We’re calling on partners who share a strong social mission, to help us offer affordable homes to hard-working people. Our vision will help more Australians get into their own home sooner and we’re giving builders and developers the opportunity to join us on this journey, and beyond.

Right now, we are looking for investors, agents, and developers and builders with existing properties for sale, are planning their next development or investment, or have affordable housing targets to meet the needs of this growing home buyer market.

We welcome your enquiry. If you would like to chat with us now, please feel free to call Mr Darren Doyle, BuyAssist Program Manager on 1300 652 177 during business hours.

Alternatively, please submit the form below and we will be in touch with you soon.

BuyAssist Australia

Kate Breen

BuyAssist Program Manager
If you would like to chat with us now, please feel free to call me during business hours.

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