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Shared Equity a proven Pathway to Homeownership in Australia – affirmed by Commonwealth Government’s Help to Home Program

Shared equity homeownership pathway

The Commonwealth Government announcement today re-affirms that Shared Equity as a genuine pathway to homeownership in Australia.

No need to wait until 2024 – BuyAssist’s shared equity program can help aspiring homebuyers living in Victoria, buy your own home today without a deposit.

If you are looking to buy your own home in Victoria and don’t have a deposit, then BuyAssist homebuyer fund support could help you.

A recent article highlights that shared equity homeownership is now viewed as a genuine pathway to homeownership in Australia. With shared equity support helping you if you don’t have a sufficient deposit to buy a home you can buy sooner.

Unlike the Commonwealth Government Help to Home program which will require a 2% deposit, or the Victorian homebuyer fund which requires a 5% deposit, our program does not require you to have any deposit.

With our social investor support BuyAssist is making home ownership more affordable and attainable.

Our shared equity program is a proven pathway to home ownership in Australia in 2023 having helped over 100 households buy their own home.

Eligibility for homebuyer help

We are actively inviting registrations for potential homebuyers in Victoria that are aspiring to buy their own home, but who haven’t been able to save a deposit to register and have your eligibility checked.

We connect you to a mortgage lender and to our real estate agent to help you find a brand new home with our support all based around the individual homebuyer circumstances.

Our shared equity pathway program eligibility include steady employment, income limits, permanent residency or citizenship, and general lending criteria. 

To be eligible for BuyAssist homebuyer fund support you must earn:

  • Under $115,000 if you are single.
  • Under $150,000 if you are couple.
  • Under $175,000 if you are one or two adult household with dependent(s).


You don’t need to save for a deposit and your mortgage will be less than 80% of the property price and with BuyAssist homebuyer support you also avoid paying Lenders Mortgage Insurance. 

You don’t pay an interest on the shared equity contribution and when you no longer need the equity support, you repay it.

The repayment is based on the support provided when you purchased, calculated as a percentage of the property price.  If we provide 25% of the property price then you repay 25% of the value when you sell.

Importantly, we are not a rent-to-buy or shared ownership scheme and we don’t require any deposit.

You will own 100% of the property and enjoy all the benefits of home ownership.  

Want a pathway to buy your own home in Victoria?

Don’t have a deposit?

BuyAssist shared equity homebuyer support may be able to help.

Register with BuyAssist for a no obligation assessment to find out if you are eligible for BuyAssist shared equity support.