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How the BuyAssist Homebuyer Help Program Works

Would love to buy your home but don't have a deposit? Find out how BuyAssist shared equity home buyer support program can help you to buy your own home today.

Discover your New Home with BuyAssist Homebuyer Support

View the range of new homes we have available for eligible households to buy today with no deposit and BuyAssist home buyer help.

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Register online today to see if you are eligible for BuyAssist home buyer help so you can buy your home sooner.

Dreaming of buying your own home but don't have a deposit?

BuyAssist homebuyer help supports eligible lower to moderate income* homebuyers buy their own home with NO DEPOSIT.

Through our government or charitable equity home owner program and homebuyer fund we provide up to 25% of the purchase price of your new home. This means you don’t need to save for years for a deposit, you avoid paying Lenders Mortgage Insurance and you can buy your home sooner.

We make homebuyer easy – we connect you to a lender and we support you to find a property you can buy today and call home. You may also be eligible for a government first home owner grant or government incentives to help contribute to the cost of buying your home. 

You are 100% on the title – we are not a rent-to-buy or co-ownership program. It is your home!

To take the next step to become a homeowner, register to have your eligibility confirmed and find out more about how BuyAssist helps you to buy your home sooner.

*Income eligibility varies depending on household size, interest rates and borrowing capacity, and house prices. Contact us to discuss.
Homebuyer program
BuyAssist Homebuyer's Hassan and Yumna
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Choose a house & lanD, Townhouse or apartment to suit your budget

2024 Homebuyer Support Available Now in Victoria

townhouse for sale


Townhouses can provide you with the right amount of space, private open area, and amenity of a house at a lower price. They are a great first home owner home.


For many people buying an apartment is an excellent first home owner choice. Apartment living can deliver convenience and resident amenity at a price you can afford.

House & Land

BuyAssist has new house and land opportunities available every day. Our agent can also work with you to find the right home for you and within your home buying budget.
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BuyAssist Homebuyer Testimonials

"I think it would have taken me the better part of the next decade to save up a deposit. Working with BuyAssist was really easy and straightforward, and everyone was really helpful answering my stupid questions."

Happy BuyAssist Homeowner
"I wanted the stability of being in my own property. Renting was fine but it's dead money. You're paying off someone else's mortgage. I came across BuyAssist on Facebook. Anyone who thinks BuyAssist is too good to be true, it’s actually not. It’s the real deal."
"We were stuck renting. With the increasing costs of buying a house it was just beyond us. Without BuyAssist we would not have been able to achieve our dream of owning our own home"

Homebuyer Frequently Asked Questions

The BuyAssist Program provides homeownership support to assist eligible households to purchase a newly built property without requiring a deposit.

Our homeownership program has been designed by a leading Not For Profit affordable housing provider National Affordable Housing to help make home ownership more affordable and more attainable for more Australians.

Our team work with you to discuss your household and financial situation and your homeownership goals. Eligible households are referred to our mortgage broker and banking partners and assisted to choose a property from our listed properties. It is important to note that the BuyAssist Program is not suitable for everyone. Home ownership and the financial responsibilities that go with it have to be carefully assessed. 

BuyAssist homeowner shared equity support averages 25% of the property price means you do not need to have a deposit and will avoid Lenders Mortgage Insurance. You only pay interest on your home loan.  The BuyAssist shared equity home buyer support is repaid when you can refinance or you decide to sell the property.

No deposit is required to purchase a home through the BuyAssist program.

BuyAssist helps eligible buyers qualify for a home loan with no deposit.  Through our government or charitable equity programs, we provide up to 25% of the purchase price of your new home to cover the deposit. Our socially responsible shared equity home buyer program has helped over 100 households buy their home without requiring a deposit.

While you do not require a deposit to buy a home through our BuyAssist shared equity program, you will need to pay the normal costs associated with the purchase of a property and your residential mortgage.  This may include stamp duty, valuation and legal fees.  We will work through all the costs with you before you decide to participate.

On settlement there is a one-off program participation fee, and an annual administration and compliance fee (payable as a monthly direct debit).

You will be the sole legal owner of the property, and will be responsible to meet all the normal costs of home ownership. 

To be eligible for assistance to buy your own home there are several eligibility criteria you will need to meet including:

* Be buying the property as your principal place of residence – your home

* Meet general lending criteria

* Don’t currently own property

* Permanent resident or citizen

* Meet eligibility of the specific government or charitable equity program.

To find out if you are eligible, register your interest today.

BuyAssist homebuyer assistance does not exclude you from applying for and accessing government first home owner grants or exemptions if you are eligible for these.

BuyAssist offers financial support for eligible individuals, couples and families to purchase a newly built property sourced by BuyAssist with no deposit required.

Through our government or charitable equity programs, we provide an average 25% of the purchase price of your new home which means homebuyers do not need a deposit. 

* You don’t need a deposit to qualify as our shared equity contribution covers the equivalent of a deposit. This means you can buy your own home sooner.

* We make an assessment of your servicability – the amount you can afford to borrow and repay to the bank

* We connect you with qualified lenders

* We match you to a property that you can call home.

The Details

The amount of shared equity home owner support made available will typically be around 25% of the purchase price of the property.  This is the “BuyAssist HomeBuyer Support Amount”. The BuyAssist Homebuyer Support Amount is provided by Investor who is looking to support sustainable and affordable home ownership. 

The BuyAssist HomeBuyer Support Amount is combined with any savings you might have and a normal home loan from a lender that supports the program.

You will need to enter into a Home Ownership Participation Agreement (“HOPA”) with the Investor to access the financial support.  The HOPA outlines the rules that govern how the support is provided and your obligations to us and our obligations to you.

In exchange for the support, you agree that the Investor (the party providing the homebuyer support) will be entitled to an agreed share of the property’s future value. For example, if the support amount was 25% of the property’s purchase price then the Investor will receive 25% of the property’s agreed value when the Home Ownership Participation Agreement is completed. This usually occurs when you decide to sell the property or refinance. The same calculation is applied even if the value of the property falls.

We have a selection of apartments, townhouses, house and land packages in various locations with a current program focus on supporting households to buy a new home with no deposit in Melbourne and regional Victoria.

Once you have registered and pre-qualified for BuyAssist homebuyer  support we keep you updated as new properties become available. New stock and programs are added throughout the year.

To view a list of current properties, click here.

We invite you to register your interest by completing the online form here.

The simplest step is to Register your details with us today.  Our online form asks for some base information to enable us to make an initial assessment on your eligibility.

Or if you have further questions, please read our Frequently Asked Questions.

BuyAssist is a unique homeownership program in that we are developed by a not-for-profit housing company and our impact investors include governments and private entities. The key differences between our program and other homeownership support or homebuyer fund programs are that we do not require any deposit. We also facilitate the loan and purchasing process, matching you to a brand new property. 

We are not a rent to buy, rent to own or co-ownership program. You are 100% on the title and own your own home from the time you settle with our homebuyer support.

You may also be eligible for other government first home owner support such as first home owner grants or stamp duty exemptions to contribute to buying your own home. 

Contact us to find out more. 

Our Partners

We work with Developers, Agents, Investors and Government
to help Australians achieve their housing goals in a socially responsible way.
We invite potential new partners to join our extensive partnership network.

Buy Assist Australia Pty Ltd ('BuyAssist') is a wholly owned subsidiary of National Affordable Housing, a leading Not For Profit affordable housing provider. The BuyAssist program has been designed by National Affordable Housing, to help make home ownership more affordable and more attainable for more Australians.